PUMPD Labs Supplement Scoop

$4.99 $2.99

PUMPD Labs Funnel

  • Screw top to store supplements for on the go travel
  • Key ring to attach to gym bag
  • Black screw off funnel topper
  • PUMPD Labs Logo printed on screw top
  • Durable Construction
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Supplements on the go!

We help you take your favorite supplements with you, safely and easily. No messy “make-shift” funnels or daredevil maneuvers of using the company provided scoop to directly pour the powder in your water bottle in the gym parking lot.


Now you can take your favorite pre-workouts, BCAA’s, or any other daily supplement you use with you! Great for throwing into your gym bag and heading out the door. The safe, durable plastic, help ease your mind knowing none of the powder has spilled out onto your equipment or clothes and no pills have gotten lost in the bottom of your gym bag.


This pairs perfectly with our PUMPD Labs shaker bottle (or any of your current favorite shakers)


No-mess. No-fuss. Easy-to-use.